My name is Jana and I live in Hamburg, Germany. I am blessed with a beautiful boy and his wonderful dad. Besides having co-created the Birthing Without Fear audio programme, I am dedicated to enabling mothers and fathers to gently and consciously bringing their babies out into this world – regardless of the circumstances in which their child is ultimately born. In a nutshell, the Birthing Without Fear sessions allow pregnant women and couples to remain cool, calm & collected during birthing, no matter what happens.

I was afraid of giving birth for many years of my life. Too many times did I hear that labour and birth is the most painful and frightening experience a woman can ever go through.

Knowing that I wanted to have a child, and having the general tendency to taking a natural approach first before using drugs or other medical assistance – I started my research on natural, fearless birth and conscious parenting. I was amazed as to the vast information and evidence of what a drug-free and non-invasive birth can be like.

As a Certified Physiotherapist, Hypnotherapist and Wellness Coach, I was curious to see how far my acquired skills would take me applying them to my birth preparation as well as during labour and birth.

In June 2011, at age 39, I gave birth for first time. It was a truly wonderful, fearless, drug-free and natural Jalou hiking at 2 weeksbirthing experience. Although the hospital environment was far from being peaceful and homely, I managed to stay cool, calm & collected throughout my entire 36 hours of labour. I used techniques, approaches and information that I now share worldwide in my Birthing Without Fear audio programme. What you will learn in these recordings is precisely what enabled me to be present, cheerful and connected with our unborn baby throughout the magical journey of pregnancy as well as during his serene birth. This experience has left an imprint on my soul that is beyond what I could have ever imagined.

The video below encapsulates the kind of care and gentleness that I envision for both mothers and their babies during the birthing process.

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