Birthing Without Fear

Giving birth is one of life’s most impactful experiences

For years I’ve listened to women across countries speak about the birth of their children as a horrible event with excrutiating pain during labour, scheduled c-sections out of convenience and drug induced births to speed up labour.

For many women, the decision of how their baby would be born would be left up to the Obstetrician and his suggested procedure would be followed without questioning.

Intuitively, this did not feel like an avenue I wanted to follow and it compelled me to research a broad range of approaches to natural and fearless birthing.

My goal was to find the most effective method for women to tap into their innate resourcefulness for the purpose of achieving the most positive and natural birthing experience possible. My intention was to honor the baby from the beginning. Based on my natural birthing research, application as well as the serene way in which our first baby was born, I felt inspired to share my insights.

Although the awareness of how to give birth naturally, without intervention, lies deep within each woman, and in one sense might make any birth preparation programme seem unnecessary – there is ample evidence supporting what American Psychiatrist Karl Augustus Menninger stated at the beginning of the 20th century:

Fears are educated into us, and can, if we wish, be educated out.
Karl Augustus Menninger
Amercian Psychiatrist

The pain of labour is what most women worry about most. The biggest challenge in birth is to completely relax and work with your body’s natural rhythm. The primary reason for this challenge are fears and limiting beliefs about birth.

While your body, on a cellular level, knows exactly how to birth your baby, thoughts about needing to manage, control, and direct the process can inhibit your body’s delicate balance at this time. Worries and tension can trigger reactions that may lead to birth complications and result in the need for medical interventions.

The more a woman can relax and work with her birthing body and avoid blocking the process with fear based thoughts, the more smooth and comfortable her birth can be.

The techniques taught on the Birthing Without Fear recordings and/or in sessions, allow pregnant women to remain cool, calm & collected during birthing, no matter what happens, even if medical intervention should become necessary.

Birthing Without Fear also helps women to make informed and intuitively intelligent decisions every step of the way so that they can have the most positive and serene birth experience possible.

Practising the pain relief procedures shared in track 7 of the audio programme allows women to achieve maximum relaxation and comfort during childbirth without the use of drugs. Many women apply the self hypnosis skills taught not only to achieve natural analgesic during birth, but are able to apply them easily later on in other areas of their lives. These are skills for life that go beyond birth, and serve in any stressful situation.

Preparing yourself for the arrival of your baby using the information, powerful guided processes and presencing techniques shared in the Birthing Without Fear audio programme and/or in sessions with me, will contribute tremendously to you having a fearless and even joyful birthing experience rather than a terrifying one with negative memories.

This video encapsulates the kind of care and gentleness that I envision for both mothers and their babies during the birthing process.


My interest in conscious birthing & parenting along with my expertise in Humanistic Neuro-Linguistic Psychology, Transpersonal Coaching, Hypnotherapy and Physiotherapy set me on a mission to research a broad range of approaches to natural and fearless birthing. My goal was to find the most effective method of tapping into woman’s innate resourcefulness for the purpose of achieving the most positive and natural birthing experience possible. 

My background knowledge and awareness enabled me to identify what would be most useful to empower women during labour and birth, but it wasn’t until my own experience of birth, that the Birthing Without Fear methodology was finally put to the test. Applying a unique set of mindfulness skills during pregnancy, allowed me to maximise comfort and to embrace the unknown throughout the birthing process.

Conquering any possible concerns and avoiding unnecessary pain through entering a state of relaxation and inner calm, regardless of the external circumstances, are only a couple of the benefits that make Birthing Without Fear so valuable.

Being aware of the possible effects of medication and medical interventions on baby and mum shared in track 3 of the recordings, I chose an unmedicated birth as the first option.

I did however remain open to hospital intervention or medication if the wellbeing of our baby during an unassisted birth would unexpectedly be compromised. Communicating our birth preferences upfront to the hospital staff in a respectful but assertive way, allowed us to play an active role in the arrival of our baby, as well as during the important first few bonding hours after birth.

Many hours into labour, our trusted Obstetrician asked me if I was afraid. I recall being somewhat surprised by his question. My focus was deep within my birthing body, experiencing a strong connection with our unborn baby and trusting that my body knew what to do at exactly the right time – this simply left no space for fear.
Jana Allmrodt