Birthing Without Fear

Audio Programme

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This Birthing Without Fear audio programme (MP3 format) provides women with the ability to be fully prepared for a natural birthing experience that minimizes the necessity for medical intervention.

This unique programme is designed to be respectful of all birthing options that support the safety of mother and baby, and can be used alongside any other birthing program. The skills taught are a valuable resource for women, regardless of how their baby is ultimately born.

Birthing Without Fear is based on my natural birthing research, application and experience. This audio programme is co-created with Jevon Dangeli, (MSc Transpersonal Psychology, Master Hypnotherapist, Wellness Coach and NLP Trainer).


  • Helps prevent birthing related tension and anxiety as well as their harmful effects on mother and baby.
  • Learn self hypnosis techniques and psychological tools for a positive and serene birthing experience.
  • Minimizes the need for medical intervention and applies to any birthing procedure and environment.
Cost: 27 Swiss Francs


1. Prelude
2. Introduction
3. Information about the stages of labour
4. How to stay cool, calm & collected during labour & birth
5. The Cool, Calm & Collected Technique
6. Self Hypnosis for pain relief theory
7. The Self Hypnosis pain relief technique
8. How limiting beliefs & fear affect birth
9. Hypnotherapy to eliminate limiting beliefs & fear around birth
10. How a birth partner can be helpful
11. What if? Dealing with complications fearlessly

Cost: 27 Swiss Francs

I look forward to hearing your experience of this programme...