Birthing Without Fear

Birthing Without Fear

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Birthing Without Fear provides women with the ability to be fully prepared for a natural birthing experience that minimizes the necessity for medical intervention.

This unique programme is designed to be respectful of all birthing options that support the safety of mother and baby, and can be used alongside any other birthing programme. The skills taught are a valuable resource for women, regardless of how their baby is ultimately born.

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Birthing Without Fear is based on the natural birthing research, application and experience of Jana Allmrodt, who is a qualified Physiotherapist, Hypnotherapist, Transpersonal Coach and Authentic Self Empowerment Facilitator. This audio programme is co-created with Jevon Dängeli.

The biggest challenge in birth is to completely relax and work with your body’s natural rhythm. The primary reason for this challenge are fears and limiting beliefs about birth. While your body, on a cellular level, knows exactly how to birth your baby, thoughts about needing to manage, control, and direct the process can inhibit your body’s delicate balance at this time. Worries and tension can trigger reactions that may lead to birth complications and result in the need for medical interventions. The more a woman can relax and work with her birthing body and avoid blocking the process with fear based thoughts, the more smooth and comfortable her birth can be.

The techniques taught in this programme allow pregnant women to remain cool, calm & collected during birthing, no matter what happens, even if medical intervention should become necessary.

Birthing Without Fear also helps women to make informed and intuitively intelligent decisions every step of the way so that they can have the most positive and serene birth experience possible.

The pain relief and stress eleminating procedures shared in this programme allow women to achieve maximum relaxation and comfort during childbirth without the use of drugs. These dynamic self hypnosis skills are also useful after the baby is born, as they are skills for life that go beyond birth and serve in any stressful situation.

Preparing yourself for the arrival of your baby using the practical information, powerful guided processes and simple techniques provided in this programme will contribute tremendously to you having a fearless and even joyful birthing experience, rather than a terrifying one with negative memories.

Here is what Jana has to say about the Birthing Without Fear programme:

“Birthing Without Fear is inspired by my own fearless, drug free and natural birthing experience. Although the hospital environment was far from being peaceful and homely, I managed to stay cool, calm & collected throughout my entire 36 hours of labour. It´s precisely the techniques, approaches and information shared in this recording, that enabled me to be present, cheerful and connected with our unborn baby throughout the magical journey of pregnancy as well as during my serene birthing experience. This has left an imprint in my soul that is beyond what I could have ever imagined.”

Conquering any possible concerns and avoiding unnecessary pain through entering a state of relaxation and inner calm, regardless of the external circumstances, are only a couple of the benefits that make this programme so valuable. It also minimizes the need for medication and hospital interventions that have harmful effects on both the baby and mother.

The Birthing Without Fear programme equips women to play their vital role before and during the arrival of their baby.

“Many hours into labour, our trusted Obstetrician asked me if I was afraid. I recall being somewhat surprised by his question. My focus was deep within my birthing body, experiencing a strong connection with our unborn baby and trusting that my body knew exactly what to do at exactly the right moment. This simply left no space for fear.”
– Jana Allmrodt-

And that is the bottom line of what this audio programme is all about: Providing you with valuable information and tools that will allow you to focus on the most important matter – your miraculous female body doing what it is designed to do – Birthing Without Fear.


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