Birthing Without Fear

Dr. Gabor Maté: Parental Stress and Its Impact on Kids (Video)

In the following video physician Dr. Gabor Maté discusses parental stress and the negative impact it has on children. Dr. Maté is referring to children already born, but what he is saying is directly transferrable to children that are not born yet. In other words, being stressed while being pregnant can have a severe impact on our unborn children. An article published in the WebMD Health News in 2003 for example mentions that stress has long been suspected as a possible cause of miscarriage, with several studies indicating an increased risk among women reporting high levels of emotional or physical turmoil in their early months of pregnancy or just before conception.  Theoharis C. Theohardies, MD, PhD, of the Tufts University School of Medicine says that “We now know the effects of stress (on the fetus) are very real and produce a specific physiologic reaction in the uterus, so you really need to reduce it whatever way you can.” That is exactly what “Birthing Without Fear” is all about.